1 month Jade Roller results – here’s what you can expect

One month jade roller results

Your jade roller has been your trusty beauty companion for one month. You’ve religiously rolled every morning, and every night, for two to four minutes a session. Now you’re ready to see the jade roller results. Here’s what you can expect:



jade roller facial benefits before and after photos
Jade roller results before and after – honeyandbe.com


Jade roller reality vs expectation

Before embarking on your jade rolling journey, you’ve read that facial rolling boosts lymphatic draining and helps decreases puffiness.

You’ve learned that regular use of jade rollers can assist with easing wrinkles and fine lines, give collagen a jump start, and help soothe inflammatory skin conditions. You’ve even hit Instagram up to view results. But has one month of jade rolling really transformed your skin?

Naturally, we decided to try this seemingly magical beauty tool for ourselves – and were legit surprised with the results. Here’s what we know:


For photos of before and after using a Jade. 


Day 1: We specifically chose a classic jade crystal for this review as jade has been revered as a “healing stone” in traditional Chinese medicine for about 5,000 years. The tool looks a little like a rolling pin. A larger stone on one end is designed for cheeks, jaw, and forehead while the smaller stone on the other side is the perfect size for under the eyes and around the mouth. On our first day of using a jade roller, we did see an extra glow and reduced puffiness. But don’t get too excited as these results were temporary. It took several more days before we could really see any lasting results.


Day 4: By day four, we were surprised to find that we did see an improvement in skin texture. It appeared smoother. Toward the end of the week we kind of, sort of, thought skin looked more toned. Maybe? But to be honest, at this point it was impossible to say whether this was a result of rolling but we kept on with the routine. We alternated days using the jade roller to help work treatment serums and oils deeper into the skin.


Day 7: Keeping the jade roller in the fridge helped with keeping skin feeling refreshed. The coolness of the jade was soothing and the massaging motion was enjoyable. Overall, there wasn’t a huge difference in the first week but we still enjoyed using the jade roller for its relaxing effects. Just so you know, we did ensure we kept the roller clean by washing it with soapy water after use (because we know dirty rollers can spread bacteria onto the skin).

Caption: Jade face roller results – I tried Jade Rolling for 30 days, does it work?

Day 14: Two weeks after using the jade roller we started seeing results, mostly in the cheekbone area. Dark under-eye circles also looked improved, and skin around the neck area appeared tightened. We followed the tips of beauty influencers and watched a few videos on YouTube showing the proper technique. We even added a gua sha into the mix for added kicks and giggles.


Day 20: They say it takes three weeks to make or break a habit and by now we were accustomed to using a jade roller every day as part of our beauty routine.


Day 30: After using a jade roller for 1 month, we can safely say we did see results and feel that this is a good skin investment and worth the money. We noticed an improvement in lymphatic drainage and the roller did help prevent and clear breakouts.


In closing

All in all, yes, we were happy with our 1 month jade roller results and would recommend this product, especially if you’re a fan of the ritualistic aspect of sticking to a natural beauty routine.