Men’s Health Beard Roller 101

beard roller for men

Men’s Health Beard Roller 101

Men are rolling onto the face roller red carpet, too, and loving the before and after results! Welcome to the era of men’s health beard rollers.


What is a beard roller?

A beard roller is pretty much what the name suggests – a roller specifically designed for beards. It’s been said to hold a bunch of awesome superpowers, from stimulating hair growth and activating sleeping follicles, to boog the absorption of skin products and beard serums, so your best friend (a.k.a your lush beard), can grow to its full potential.

When rolled across your beard region, the roller gets to work quickly, penetrating the top layer of your skin and creates thousands of microscopic channels. This can jumpstart new follicles and tissue and puts the body’s natural healing process into overdrive.


Have a patchy beard or chin strap? This beard roller review by Australian Men’s Health might help you find your way through hairy situations.


Different types of beard roller kits

Just like there is a slew of different Porsche models on the market, there are tons of different beard roller models (although we are sure you will agree, the Cayman GT4 is the sexiest Porsche model ever, but that is a story all on its own).

The majority of beard rollers (called a derma roller if you’re Prince Charles) look like the kind of tool you’d find in the boot of a Batmobile! The blades of the roller are made up of either titanium or stainless steel, with the latter being a cheaper alternative but more likely to break. The rolling ball itself is covered with little needles that come in different sizes depending on which beard roller you buy.

The talk on the street is that the most suitable sized needles are in the range of 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm. 0.25mm is the least painful size, while 0.7mm is reserved for Superman (or those who don’t mind a little blood, sweat, and tears).


We like Ebeizi beard kit, which comes with derma roller and beard oil, with the 0.3mm sized needles.  Another option is the Derma Roller and Beard kit over from Lanmove, with beard oil. Again with the same sized titanium needles. If you want to go with slightly thicker needles at 0.5mm then go with the Glemme Biotin Hard Kit.


Beard roller needle size

There are a few larger needle sizes. We have even come across a 1.0mm needle but we are assuming there isn’t a helluva lot of sales of this puppy. Anything over 1.5mm is strictly for use on your body (not your face), or you will end up looking like Freddy Kruger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. Eww…


Does a beard roller work?

The majority of male grooming experts say you can expect to see results in as little as four to eight weeks with consistent roller use (no more than twice a week).

It will take time to grow a fuller beard so be prepared to postpone any hot dates for at least another 150 days.

Beard rollers are like the modern relationship: They will not last forever. After about six months, you’ll need to replace the unit with a younger and prettier specimen.


Want to buy your lady her own roller? Look at the jade roller or rose quartz roller.


Good to know: Your beard roller should never be shared, so hide it from your wife, girlfriend, or one-night stand. In addition, don’t forget to always clean the beard roller before and after use.


How to use a beard roller?

  • Begin with a good beard brushing. Working with smooth, tangle-free hair makes rolling easier.
  • With a firm grip on the handle, run the beard roller through the hair on your face in even, slow strokes.
  • Roll backward and forward about 10 times. It doesn’t matter in which direction you go – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – so long as you roll across the entire beard region.
  • End the routine off with a slather of beard oil serum, unless the roller instructions suggest otherwise.


The straight talk on beard rollers

Now that you know pretty much all there is to know about beard rollers, you can start your beard growth journey with a roller in tow. Just keep the following tips in mind: while sterling silver rollers are cheaper, they break more easily than titanium; beard roller needle sizes differ so choose a size that suits you best; don’t share your beard roller; and lastly, always clean your roller after use.


Have you recently invested in a beard roller? We would love to hear from you. Post your comments and suggestions below.