Using Your Roller

How to use a Facial Roller in 5 easy steps

how to use a facial roller


Wondering how to use a facial roller? Using a face roller can be fun – all you need to get started is really your face roller but feel free to use a moisturizer or facial oil on your skin. Follow these easy steps:


face roller how to use

1. We suggest Cleanse and treat your skin. A clean canvas works best when using a face roller.


2.Using gentle pressure, roll your facial roller from the center out, starting up your neck, chin, and jawline. Remember to never roll backward! When you need to return the roller to the starting point, pick it up and place it back at the start.


3. Moving onto your cheeks, roll over this area before using your face roller under your eyes and eyelid.  You can even gently roll over your eyelids. The smaller part of the face roller works best for the under-eye area.


4. Gently roll over the contour of your eyebrows and forehead, working towards your hairline.



5. Once the massage is complete – the whole process should take two to four minutes – don’t forget to clean your roller with warm, soapy water.



Tip:  the skin around your eyes and covering your eyelid is very thin and delicate. Be very careful when rolling around this area, with gentle pressure.

When to use a face roller will depend on individual preference and your time but face rolling can be done as part of your morning or night routine. You can even use a couple of minutes of downtime at your work desk during the day to take a mini-facial massage!

Gently rolling over your eyelids is pure bliss after staring at a computer screen for hours! Try it!

Don’t fuss too much if you don’t have any facial oil handy though, as face rolling, unlike Gua Sha rolling, doesn’t need oil.

Now you know the rolling technique, look at your Jade, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst Roller options, and get rolling!