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To our Girl Gang Beauty Community

owner of face gym toolsWe love pretty things that are functional and serve a purpose, especially when they are so easy to use as a facial roller.

A facial roller is like giving your face skin a little prep-up each day, so easy to massage for a few minutes. We think every girl should have one in her toolkit!


We are into natural facial lifting and a face roller is really worth the investment, being an inexpensive tool, certainly when you compare it to other options. We think teaming it up with your favorite serum makes a good choice.


So give yourself a little bit of everyday and affordable pampering! We know we do.

We look at the facial rollers that are out there in the market, mainly traditional jade, pretty rose quartz, and the purple roller – amethyst. To compliment facial rolling we look at easy facial yoga exercises that you can do, to help relieve any built-up tension in the face. This is even more so nowadays, where we spend hours staring at a computer screen with our face set in one expression.

We also like Gua Sha and think facial rollers and the Gua Sha stone make the perfect natural facial lifting combination tools!

If you have any questions and ideas around natural facial lifting, we’d love to hear from you, contact us here!

Stacy & the face gym tool team