Rose Quartz Rollers

The power of Rose Quartz rollers – and why it’s a cult-favorite skin tool!

best rose quartz roller

We love it when skin-influencers, insta-bloggers, and celebs tell us the secret behind their radiant skin isn’t a thousand-dollar miracle product but a simple tool that’s relaxing, quick, and brings results. Put your hands together for the rose quartz roller – a facial massager made of rose quartz gemstone that has left the fast-changing world of skincare tickled pink!


Users swear this roller is like a youth elixir. If there is a greater prize greater than living long, it’s looking young while doing it! Even Egyptian queen Cleopatra – who let’s be honest is mostly remembered for her juicy love affairs rather than her flawless skin – was believed to reap the anti-aging benefits of rose quartz. So if it worked for Cleo, it must work for the rest of us mere mortals. Right? Right!

5 best Rose Quartz reviewed


What exactly is a rose quartz roller?

The big question is, can a little pastel pink stone rolling device with dual ends really transform your skin? Rose quartz roller benefits stack up, they include:

Rose quartz face roller and gua sha

  • Improve blood circulation and overall skin tone
  • Increase oxygen supply, bringing nutrients to the skin cells
  • Help with wrinkles and puffiness
  • Help with reducing dark under-eye circles
  • Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Boost product absorption more deeply




Rose quartz rollers: The power lies in the precious stone

Called the Heart Stone, rose quartz may have been used as a love token dating back to Roman and Egyptian times and carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment, and comfort.

Chinese culture rose quartz is prized for its ability to remain resilient throughout millions of years of geological changes and is viewed as having a “spirit” of its own that promotes healing.


Rose quartz rollers vs jade rollers?

Okay, we know that jade and rose quartz are different types of crystals with different colors and healing properties. But are there any differences between the two that you should know about? Here’s the scoop…

rose quartz vs jade roller

jade or rose quartz?Rose quartz stays cool whereas jade warms with skin contact.


jade or rose quartz?Rose quartz is better-known for its wrinkle-reducing benefits.


jade or rose quartz?Rose quartz is more durable than jade (which is a softer stone).


jade or rose quartz?Some jade rollers are insanely expensive, while rose quartz rollers are competitively priced.


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A word on pink jade & rose quartz

While most of us associate jade as a green-colored stone, it is available in a wide range of other colors, including pink. Jade in pink, however, is rare (and not even referred to as Pink Jade, but “Lavender” in the trade). Most pink jade stones are Jadeite, which has been dyed to improve the color or the color consistency. Rose quartz, however, is naturally pink, with no dyes used.


How to choose a rose quartz facial roller for face tightening: The devil is in the detail

What to look for in a face rollerPerhaps unsurprisingly, one of the hardest things about shopping for a rose quartz roller is finding a tool you know you can trust is pure rose quartz. Frankly, it seems there are a lot of fakes out there. Just because it looks like rose quartz, doesn’t mean it is rose quartz.


Before we look at how to use a rose quartz facial roller, let’s explore 6 things to look out for when buying one.


1. The stone: Rose quartz is usually translucent but never fully transparent. If you hold the stone up to the light, it should allow light to shine through.

2. The frame: Frames made of Brass are more durable and solid than other variants.

3. Single vs double versions: The latter is a better investment because, in addition to a larger stone for the jaw, forehead, and neck, it features a smaller stone on the opposite end for under-eyes and to carve out cheekbones.

4. The extras: A rose quartz face roller kit that includes a sculpting gua sha tool gives more bang for your buck.

5. Removable frame: A roller with a removable frame enables you to take the stones out to clean properly.

6. Carry case: Although durable, rose quartz can easily be scratched, fractured, or chipped. Look for a facial roller kit that includes a protective travel case, which can keep the gemstone safe from knocks and shocks.


On a side note, did you know that one of the largest and most famous rose quartz specimens is the La Madona Rosa, which was auctioned for over $500,000 some years ago?


How to use Rose quartz facial roller – the tips

Here’s how to use your rose quartz roller:

rose quartz soothing face-massage roller

  1. Keep your roller in the fridge overnight and use first thing in the morning. The chill of the stone helps to combat puffiness.
  2. Apply a small amount of your favorite serum or moisturizer onto the roller. The roller will help the product penetrate deeper into your skin.
  3. Many beauty bloggers swear by using a roller over a sheet mask or hydrating face mask to intensify your treatment.
  4. Using light to medium pressure, gently massage the roller from the center of your face moving outward toward the ears.
  5. Depending on how much time you dedicate to your skincare routine, experts recommend you use your roller for five minutes twice a day.
  6. Carefully wash your facial roller with soap and water daily, avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasions.


Golden nugget: Crystal gurus swear by “recharging” rose quart in sunlight or moonlight to help the crystal keep its energy.




Rose quartz as a lymphatic drainage face tool

rose quartz roller benefitThe cool thing is that rollers can also be used for depuffing. Kathleen Lisson, a certified lymphedema therapist in San Diego, CAswears by rose quartz facial rollers to reduce swelling. “If refrigerated, the rollers provide a small amount of relief from swelling in the same way that an ice cube facial would, but with less mess,” she says.

Odds are you’ll want to look at these incredible rose quartz roller before and after photos!


How to choose the best rose quartz roller-  5 of the best

Not sure which rose quartz massage stick to buy? We’re here to help you find the right roller.


Just a quick heads up… be aware that several rose quartz rollers have infiltrated the market, incorrectly labeled on e-commerce stores as jade rollers. Always read the fine print!


Each Rose Quartz Facial Roller will vary in color and shape since each is made from genuine stone and each stone is unique.


Check out our top stunning rose quartz rollers range here.


1.Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Herbivore


Face roller review rose quartz facial roller by Herbivore
Everything Herbivore creates contains the finest all-natural ingredients, and best of all, their products are not tested on animals.
– Pink & white toned stones (1 larger & 1 smaller) compliment the brassy-gold hardware- Suitable for all skin and as advertised
– Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Cruelty-free
Cons– Fragile and can break easily









  1. Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Set by MoValues


face roller review rose quartz roller and Gua set by MoValues
MoValues is the symbol of the standard grade products with the best price compared to the market.

Pros– 100% natural rose quartz

– Includes one natural Gua Sha scraper massager, nifty silicone brush (to apply your serum, oil, and moisturizer), and a canvas bag.

–  Special non-squeak hardware

– Packaged in a beautiful box – perfect as a gift

–  Solid integrated handle


– The small roller is a little stiff to roll


  1. Rose Quartz Roller by Imiglow


face roller review rose quartz roller by Imiglow

This natural jade massage roller is cost-effective and marketed as the perfect gift for someone special.

– Highest quality, reinforced zinc alloy frame

– With no-squeak roller silicone insert

– Durable

– Beautifully presented in a designer magnetic gift box

– Silicon brush (used to apply facial serums before rolling) has to be purchased separately


  1. Rose Quartz Roller by Beauty by Earth


face roller review rose quartz roller by Beauty by Earth

Beauty by Earth offer award-winning, non-toxic, and always cruelty-free products.

– Crafted from 100% rose quartz

– 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

– Certified cruelty-free

– Non-squeaky rollers

– Thick curved handle for comfort

– Impeccable artisanship on the hardware



– Does not come with a cloth carry case



  1. Rose Quartz Roller by Inotka


face roller review rose quartz roller by Inotka

Inotka ensures that every single facial massager is expertly crafted from the highest quality rose quartz precious stones and perfectly welded frames and parts.


– Improved solid construction for maximum durability

– Handcrafted by skilled stone craftsmen

– Noise-free

– Silicone insert prevents squeaking and improves traction
– Ergonomic roller frame
– Beautifully packaged
– Includes a velvet pouch

– While the boxing is sturdy, buyers have complained that it is not delivered sealed in plastic for hygienic reasons. Instead, it comes in a little material black bag with elastic string at the top.


Now it’s time to get the ball rolling – and buy one!

Everyone has their “ah-ha” moment, that one point in time when you suddenly realize you need to take control of your skincare and buy a rose quartz roller. We hope we’ve helped you take the plunge. We invite you to share this post with your family, friends, and co-workers so they, too, can reap the skin benefits of face rolling!